Explorers Tracker ChangeLog

v1.72 12th January 2011

  • changed note history limit to 300 notes
  • minor bug fixes

v1.71 8th December 2010

  • fixed problem with repeatedly uploaded current log file not being updated on the web
  • fixed upload log selection - some days were not displayed in the selection list

v1.70 15th November 2010

  • Log files are now saved in the new efficient binary format (to convert old 'NMEA' log files, you can use an free utility LogUpgrade)
  • added 'Process log' feature - binary log files can be proccesed directly from the Explorers Tracker
  • binary log files can be now converted also to the GPX format
  • Anchor alarm feature was significantly improved
  • added possibility to download and install packages with content (ie. MileageBook forms and menu preset)
  • added 'Reset menu' feature to the User menu
  • added 'Battery status' to the Log screen
  • minor layout fixes
  • minor bug fixes

v1.60 1st July 2010

  • completely removed P.I.P.S! If you have problems installing new version, please uninstall the previous version first.
  • the sis package is now more than 50% smaller (1.3MB after removing PIPS, optimizing skin size and other changes)
  • redesigned Note history
  • create New note from Note history
  • added News screen displaying cealogs.co.uk RSS feed messages
  • fixed couple of layout/text clipping issues in Stats
  • fixed tab switching by keypad on Browse Stats screen
  • fixed 'no sound' bug related to vibration HW issue cuasing failure in alarm/beep code
  • fixed bug causing zero stats to be saved after layout/screen orientation switch occurs on save screen

v1.51 17th May 2010

  • !!! Fixed incorrect lat/lon coordinates in log records for western and southern hemispere !!!
  • user menu now has 3 levels accessible by pressing dial (green) key repeatedly
  • user menu closes automatically when E.T loses focus (locking,switching to another app,...)
  • Changed splash screen extension to jbin to avoid repeated image sync to PC
  • Minor layout fixes

v1.50 22th Dec 2009

  • Nokia N97 support
  • 5th edition support
  • touch screen support
  • Front End Processor implementation for editors - internal editor for notes and input field now works on all platforms (even with T9 or handwriting)
  • tactile feedback support


  • magnetic north sensor support (places)
  • ambient light sensor support

v1.01 9th Oct 2009

  • Fixed about box issues for OVI store.

v1.00 8th Sep 2009 (limited availability)

  • First release